Agile Assurance

Our agile assurance services are aligned to the UK Government’s Agile assurance process designed for Digital Services and the AXELOS PRINCE2 Agile® method, which are delivered by our highly experienced Agile professionals, who have hands on experience working within dynamic agile environments, are certified in PRINCE2 Agile® and AgileSHIFT® and are commonly Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches or SAFe certified.

Our Agile assurance reviews complement and form part of holistic assurance, for digitally enabled and pure technology projects. Independent Agile assurance provides an extra level of confidence to delivery teams and the people who govern or own  projects, that they have a clear understanding of progress, whilst identifying improvements that could increase the chances of successful delivery and look at delivery and governance across multiple teams and assess how effective it is.

How can Agile assurance add value?

Is your business increasing the number of transformation projects using agile ways of working, whilst integrating with other non-agile projects and change initiatives?

This creates a growing need for assurance of Agile delivery and new challenges for organisations and business owners. It requires those involved to adapt their governance, assurance and approvals processes, and to consider different indicators of success. The usual principles of assurance remain, however, Agile assessment relies more on observation and engagement with the team and stakeholders, rather than reporting and document review.

Is your organisation applying a specific Agile methodology?

Agile is an umbrella term that covers a range of iterative software development methodologies, that may include SCRUM, Kanban, XP, DSDM or PRINCE2 Agile® and more generally, a culture and way of working within teams and with stakeholders. Our Agile assurance is agnostic about methodologies and can be applied to every agile method and practices. It’s about being holistic across the assurance process.

Does your organisation have significant transformation programs in flight with Agile components?

Development of Agile delivered digital services or components are often part of a wider transformation of the business involving organisational, operational, commercial, and infrastructure changes. As such, it is possible that multiple Agile work streams will sit alongside other projects and business changes within a transformational program designed to meet a business need. In these cases, it is critical that the core disciplines of managing a wider program of changes to meet a strategic aim are maintained. In these instances, an Agile health check will ensure that robust program and project management is in place and that the organisation is working effectively in an “agile way”.

Is there a belief in your organisation that working in an "agile way", already incorporates assurance through development iterations..."isn't that the point of Agile?"

Well, this is certainly true. Whilst working in an agile way incorporates a level of assurance into development iterations, teams should also plan for additional, independent assurance. This is particularly important if the agile delivery is an integral part of a wider change. People who are not directly involved in the day-to-day delivery of a service may spot things that people in the agile delivery team are less likely to see, and may bring in valuable experience from similar initiatives. Independent assurance can provide extra confidence to the SRO (and in turn the delivery team and people who govern the project), that they have a clear understanding of progress and identify improvements that could increase the chances of successful delivery.

Will assurance slow it down our Agile velocity?

Early engagement with all our Agile assurance team is essential, particularly if the scale of the change is significant. We believe that it is critical that Agile assurance does not impede Agile delivery techniques, and as such, our Agile assurance reviews are:

  • proportionate to the phase and scale
  • aligned to the governance principles for an organisation
  • based on mutual trust between the Agile delivery team and the PM Solutions Australia Agile assurance review team
  • the Agile review is open and transparent, with observations or recommendations available to everyone.

How does the Agile assurance review process work?

The Agile assurance review process is designed to compliment the agile delivery method within any organisation.  An Agile review is a short, sharp and focused process, which understands that typical project documentation may not be in use for the management of the Agile delivery. The Agile review team commonly observes team activities, such as stand-ups and show and tells, in addition to reviewing artefacts, some of which may be web-based documentation such as epics, stories, Kanban walls, product backlogs and sprint plans.

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Assurance Partnering

We are one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading, progressive and specialised assurance organisations, and it’s why we partner with some of the largest government and non-government organisations, providing realistic and common-sense assurance services. We consistently provide business owners with the piece-of-mind that their programs and projects are on track and provide solutions to pre-emptively realign projects and programs from unexpected difficulties and challenges.

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We are specialist in Gateway™ Reviews, having delivered over 450 Gateway™ reviews since 2006. Our Gateway™ reviews are conducted and aligned to the UK Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) developed Gateway™ methods and framework, ensuring that our Gateway™ review leaders and team members, deliver assurance under the world’s leading assurance method. We have a team of dedicated, and highly experienced, qualified reviewers, delivering coordinated, well governed and industry best practice Gateway™ reviews.

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Health Checks

A Health Check review is a snapshot of the status of a program, or a single project, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement or could benefits from remedial actions. Commonly conducted over 3-5 days. The sole purpose of a Health Check is to gain a 100% independent assessment of how well the program or project is performing in accordance with its objectives, and how well it adheres to organisational processes, policies or standards. A pro-active Health Check ensures the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, whilst a reactive Health Check can set an over-budget or late project back-on-track.

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