ANZ Agile Digital Assurance®

We are the first Accredited Partner for the world’s first true Agile digital assurance method.  The ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® has been designed to assist government agencies, departments and organisations with the successful delivery of Agile digital projects.

It aims to provide independent, timely assurance to assist the Product Owner or Senior Responsible Official/ Owner (SRO), who is the person responsible for the delivery of the Agile project products and overall outcomes, so as to apply improved oversight and governance of the Agile project. It examines Agile projects at key decision points during initiation, discovery, deployment, and post project operations.

Benefits of ANZ Agile Digital Assurance®

Direct benefits of ANZ Agile Digital Assurance®

ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® project assessment reviews (PAR’s), strengthen the oversight and governance of Agile projects and assist organisations to successfully deliver Digital programs and Agile projects to stated outcomes and objectives.

Agile assurance derived benefits can commonly include:

  • better alignment of service delivery with an organisations or a government’s desired outcomes and available funds;
  • improved accuracy in planning;
  • improved allocation of skills and resources;
  • improved procurement and contract management processes;
  • improved risk management;
  • reduced time and cost overruns;
  • increased suppliers’ confidence;
  • greater confidence that the project can progress to the next stage of Agile development or implementation;
  • dissemination of better Agile (and non-Agile) practice techniques across the organisations and the public sector; and
  • access to the knowledge of highly experienced peers.
Tailored Agile assurance for digital projects

The primary purposes of The ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® project assessment reviews (PAR’s), is to support the successful delivery of an Agile delivered project by providing the Product Owner or SRO with an assessment that highlights issues requiring timely corrective action, to improve the likelihood of the successful delivery of products and benefits.

The ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® processes, have been flexibly designed based on the same principle of:

  • providing independent guidance to the Product Owner or SRO, Agile project teams and organisations on how best to make sure that their Agile projects are successful; and
  • with similar assessment steps at each gate – for Agile Digital and hybrid Agile project assurances processes; and
  • rapid assessment steps for Agile digital projects.

The adjacent model describes the ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® processes at each assessment review point.


Agile assurance designed for modern digital projects

The PM Solutions Australia adopted ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® is a modernised and holistic approach to Agile projects assurance, specifically designed to support the flexibly and agility of modern digital projects and their overarching digital programs of transformation.

The ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® was developed through collaboratively working with industry leading public and private sector assurance, portfolio, program and project professionals, and over 20 years of in-house Australian and New Zealand agile and digital assurance experience.

ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® has reinvented the global standard for Agile assurance which has been specifically designed for the assurance of organisations in the digital age.

Assurance reports that are Agile in nature

The PM Solutions Australia Agile assurance reports are is evidenced based and derived from interviewees, briefings and documentation, which includes relevant findings and recommendations that contribute to the success of the Agile project.

The final Agile assurance report is produced after comments from the Product Owner or SRO on the draft report and will include:

  • the PM Solutions Australia assurance team’s assessment of the overall delivery confidence;
  • key findings and any recommendations, indicating when it is advisable to take action;
  • an overall conclusion on the project’s status and its readiness to progress to the next development or execution phase;
  • background to the project, including its origin, the outcomes it seeks to achieve, and how the outcomes link to business strategy and/ or high-level policy objectives;
  • the purpose, scope and approach of the review, logistics of the review, including review dates, Product Owner or SRO, Agile assurance review team membership, interviewees and documents reviewed; and
  • the progress achieved against previous review recommendations (if applicable).


Our guiding principles for producing a quality Agile assurance report:

  1. Factual information (findings);
  2. Insightful, frank and value-added recommendations;
  3. Supports Agile processes and focuses on what matters (agile, timely and relevant);
  4. Report of the team, not solely of the team leader; and
  5. Reads as one voice.
Certified and accredited Agile assurance professionals

All PM Solutions Australia are accredited ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® specialists, acknowledged as an authority in the delivery of Agile assurance reviews for digital projects, having been accredited by Global Digital Assurance® as either ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® Professionals or as an ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® Master.

PM Solutions Australia accredited professionals have certified proven knowledge, verified skills and up to date knowledge to more effectively deliver Agile project assurance reviews – for your organisation.



How does the Agile assurance review process work?

The ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® review process is designed to compliment any Agile delivery method – within any organisation.  An ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® review is a short, sharp and focused process, which understands that typical project documentation may not be in use for the management of the Agile delivery. The assessment review team commonly observes team activities, such as stand-ups and show and tells, in addition to reviewing artefacts, some of which may be web-based documentation such as epics, stories, Kanban walls, product backlogs and sprint plans.

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