Assurance Partnering

We are one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading specialised assurance organisations, and it’s why we partner with some of the largest government and non-government organisations, providing realistic and common-sense assurance services. We consistently provide business owners with the piece-of-mind that their programs and projects are on track and provide solutions to pre-emptively realign projects and programs from unexpected difficulties and challenges.

How our assurance partnering helps deliver better outcomes

We deliver benefits that you can actually see and measure

Our assurance services provide strategic benefits, by working with business owners, program and project managers, and delivery teams to provide you with:

  • evaluation of skills and experience required for successful delivery
  • a transparent view of the program or project status and the issues and risks to executives, sponsors, and stakeholders
  • an assurance that a program or project is able to progress to the next stage of development or implementation
  • validation of time and cost targets, as well as scope validation for projects that is realistic and achievable
  • ensure alignment to state and national rules, regulations, acts, standards and legislation as well as internal policies, methods, and procedures
We are 100% independent and do what's best for you

Our assurance teams deliver 100% independent review services, which assist in the overall assurance of project portfolios. Our independent reviews, ensure that your programs and projects are meeting business expectations, in terms of time, cost, scope, quality and are within agreed tolerances. This provides you with an accurate, constructive, balanced and unbiased assessment of the program or project status, known and potential risks and the likelihood of the initiative delivering the desired or required benefits. We also identify immediate issues that may require prompt solutions or attention and make recommendations that can realign ailing programs and projects.

We take the "hard work" out of assurance

We aim to take the hard work out of assurance from the very start of your program or project. We develop comprehensive, fit-for-purpose and common sense assurance, that allow you to move on with the important planning, procurement, and delivery phases. We work with all stakeholders to ensure that there are a common understanding and agreement on the assurance approach and ensure that we seamlessly integrate with existing internal assurance practices, gates, and checkpoints. We further address project and program assurance by providing assurance plans that align to industry-leading standards and deliver measurable value to your business, by ensuring that programs and projects are progressing to scope and schedule and are tracking correctly to realise agreed benefits. This includes projects which are being delivered under Agile methods.

Customised and end-to-end assurance services

Our assurance services have been aligned to AXELOS global best practices, as well as Australian (state) and New Zealand regulatory requirements, delivered by our industry-leading and widely recognised assurance consultants.

As part of our assurance partnering, we offer a comprehensive and practical range of specialist assurance services and reviews.

  • Program and Projects Stage, Gate and Lessons Learned reviews
  • Gateway™ reviews
  • Health checks
  • Agile reviews (PRINCE2 Agile®/SCRUM/DSDM/Kanban/SAFe/XP)
  • Business Case and Benefits reviews (MoV®)
  • Cyber Security reviews (iRAP/ISM/PCI-DSS/NIST)
  • Rail safety management systems assurance
  • Information Technology Service Management reviews (ITIL®)
  • Portfolio, Program and Project Offices assurance (P30®)
  • Business Case and Benefits reviews (MoV®)
  • Assurance Plans
  • Governance reviews (MOP® & MSP®)
  • Maturity Assessment Progression reviews (P3M3®)
  • Workshops and facilitation

More Services

Gateway Reviews

We are specialist in Gateway™ Reviews, having delivered over 450 Gateway™ reviews since 2006. Our Gateway™ reviews are conducted and aligned to the UK Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) developed Gateway™ methods and framework, ensuring that our Gateway™ review leaders and team members, deliver assurance under the world’s leading assurance method. We have a team of dedicated, and highly experienced, qualified reviewers, delivering coordinated, well governed and industry best practice Gateway™ reviews.

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Health Checks

A Health Check review is a snapshot of the status of a program, or a single project, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement or could benefits from remedial actions. Commonly conducted over 3-5 days. The sole purpose of a Health Check is to gain a 100% independent assessment of how well the program or project is performing in accordance with its objectives, and how well it adheres to organisational processes, policies or standards. A pro-active Health Check ensures the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, whilst a reactive Health Check can set an over-budget or late project back-on-track.

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Assurance Plans

Our team of assurance specialist, continue to develop, refine and deliver assurance plans for some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest portfolio’s, programs, projects, and organisations. Our assurance plans provide business owners and stakeholders with confidence that the program or project will be well managed, and that the expected strategic outcomes and desired benefits, will be delivered, through a range of mutually agreed, relevant and effective assurance activities. Our teams are specialist in delivering cost-effective and fit-for-purpose project assurance plans, that removes the pressure of additional resource requirements in the early stages for initiatives, whilst providing program and project managers with tools to strengthen their business cases or funding tranches.

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