Digital Cyber Assurance

The PM Solutions Australia digital and cyber security assurance services, assists governments and non-government organisations to comply with specified standards as a result of legislative requirements, contractual requirements or to prove to customers and business owners that they have attained a certain level of information security. 

Our certified cyber security consultants, guide our clients through the process of achieving compliance, commonly resulting in achieving organisational and project goals, in shorter timeframes and ultimately saving their organisation money. 

How does our Cyber Security assurance secure your organisation?

Threat and Risk Assessment

At a minimum, our consultants follow ISO31000 risk management guidelines, evaluating potential hazards and bad actors, classifying them to provide a realistic view of our client’s threat landscape, as well as opportunities for mitigating and managing risk, which allows them to prepare more effective cyber security defences.

Cyber Security Readiness Assurance

We provide organisations with a comprehensive insight into their levels of preparedness in the face of cyber threats. Our certified consultants assist clients to better understand how secure their key assets really are, how aware their people are and how effectively, organisations can identify and respond to cyber attacks and security threats. Our readiness assurance assessments are based on the AXELOS RESILIA®, commonly seen as the global best practice in digital and cyber security resilience and security.

Data Breach Readiness Assurance

With the NDB scheme requirements updated in February 2018, there are stricter legal requirements for organisations, with in excess of $3M revenue, to report to individuals when data is breached. This applies to credit reporting bodies, health service providers, and TFN recipients, amongst others. Our information security consultants establish plans to enable teams to effectively investigate, contain, assess, remediate, notify and review data breaches.

Compliance Gap Analysis

We help organisations benchmark their performance against regulatory and industry standards, including the ISO27000, IS-18, PCI-DSS, ISM/IRAP, ASIC and NIST standards. This is delivered through a review of current processes, governance and systems, which provide our clients with a clearer understanding of the journey to cyber security improvement.

Cyber Security Architecture Assurance

Our information security architects deliver a PCI-DSS standards-based information security architecture assessment and assist in locating and correcting structural issues, before they are potentially uncovered in a data breach. Our consultants execute extensive research, mapping networks, traffic flow, policies, safeguards and key controls to understand our clients systems, providing them clear insight into their cyber security.

Cyber Security Partnering Assurance

Our information security consultants work on-site with organisations to support and assure their on-going digital and cyber security practices. This includes the assurance of:

  • security risk registers and risk remediation action plans;
  • stakeholder management for the remediation of all identified security risks;
  • establishing and initially leading a security working groups; and
  • providing security assurance advice and inputs.

More Services

ANZ Agile Digital Assurance®

We are the first Accredited Partner for the world’s first true Agile digital assurance method.  The ANZ Agile Digital Assurance® has been designed to assist government agencies, departments and organisations with the successful delivery of Agile digital projects. It aims to provide independent, timely assurance to assist the Product Owner or Senior Responsible Official/ Owner (SRO), who is the person responsible for the delivery of the Agile project products and overall outcomes, so as to apply improved oversight and governance of the Agile project. It examines Agile projects at key decision points during initiation, discovery, deployment, and post project operations.

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ANZ Gateway Assurance®

Our ANZ Gateway Assurance® reviews are conducted and aligned to the Global Digital Assurance® methods, models, materials and guides, ensuring that our review leaders and teams deliver assurance under the world’s leading assurance method. The ANZ Gateway Assurance® assists government agencies and organisations with the successful delivery of a program or projects. We are the first Accredited Partner for the ANZ Gateway Assurance® method, practices and models. ANZ Gateway Assurance® is the global standard for professional assurance accreditation, specifically designed for organisations in the global digital economy, which is recognised by the Australian Commonwealth, State Governments, peak industry associations and world leading service delivery organisations.

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Health Checks

A Health Check review is a snapshot of the status of a program, or a single project, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement or could benefits from remedial actions. Commonly conducted over 3-5 days. The sole purpose of a Health Check is to gain a 100% independent assessment of how well the program or project is performing in accordance with its objectives, and how well it adheres to organisational processes, policies or standards. A pro-active Health Check ensures the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, whilst a reactive Health Check can set an over-budget or late project back-on-track.

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