Gateway Reviews

Our Gateway™ Reviews are conducted and aligned to the UK Office of Government and Commerce (OGC) developed Gateway™ Review methods and framework, ensuring that our review leaders and teams deliver assurance under the world’s leading assurance method.

Our teams are certified and highly experienced in Gateway™ delivery, providing our clients with coordinated, low-impact and industry best practice aligned assurance, for their organisations, programs, and projects. We have delivered over 450 official Gateway™ reviews since 2006!

Why are our Gateway Review's better?

Dedicated Gateway™ review team

Our organisation boasts a team of only senior assurance consultants, who are dedicated to delivering Gateway™ reviews and assurance services. Unlike other organisations, who use part-time or random “B-Team” consultants, we have a team who works closely with our clients through their Gateway™ journey, often from the very early program planning stages to the final review of the project delivered benefits and value. Our team truly cares about our clients and the Gateway™ process, providing you with the ultimate choice in seasoned and dedicated Gateway™ professionals.

Over 450 Gateway™ reviews delivered

Since 2006, we have worked with organisations to deliver the Gateway™ review process for their programs and projects. Even when PRINCE2 was in its first released, and only mentioned the potential benefits of Gateway™ reviews, we were perfecting our knowledge, practices, and delivery of gated assurance, under the then-fledgling Gateway™ methodology. We have over 450 Gateway Reviews under our combined belts and have assisted over 60 government and non-government organisations, experience better outcomes from Gateway™ reviews and the overall assurance process.

Certified and experienced

Our Gateway™ reviewers are trained and certified as either Gateway™ review leaders or Gateway™ team members. To us, certification is just as important as experience, which adds to your confidence that we supply qualified and seasoned reviewers for your gated assurance. Our reviewers don’t just limit their training and experience to Gateway™ reviews, they are also commonly AXELOS certified and accredited, are active members of peak industry bodies and have advanced academic qualifications. Did we also mention that they are practicing program and project delivery professionals?


Practicing program and project professionals

Have you ever experienced that feeling of being advised by someone, that just does not (or cannot) understand what you are going through? Were you expecting the “A-Team” and only received the “C-Team”?  At PM Solutions Australia, our Gateway™ reviewers are not only qualified and experienced in Gateway™ delivery and AXELOS methods, they are practicing program and project delivery professionals. This means that they understand your challenges, frustrations and the environment in which programs and projects operate. It’s with this understanding that we build better relationships with organisations and their teams undertaking Gateway™ reviews, and ultimately assisting them deliver better outcomes for their programs, projects and the whole organisation.

We "live and breathe" assurance

It’s a bold statement, but one we stand by at all times. We pride ourselves on being passionate, up-to-date and constantly challenging the boundaries of delivering Gateway™ assurance. From the customisation of individual Gateway™ reviews for organisations, to aligning approaches with policy and public decision making processes, we are there to assist programs and projects through every step of their assurance journey. Try us and see, we are not your everyday assurance organisation…but we never wanted to be either.

Are you ready for a Gateway Review?

OMG! This is commonly what we hear when a Gateway™ review is announced or people start to receive appointments for a Gateway™ review interview.  What we say is…relax!

To better prepare individuals and organisations for Gateway™ reviews, we have developed this handy ‘Participants Guide’, which explains the Gateway™ process, provides realistic support and guides participants through the Gateway™ review process. Remember, Gateway™ reviews are not an audit, nor are the Gateway™ review team spy’s, or sent in to ’slice and dice’ projects. The Gateway™ review team are here to help and hopefully improve program and project outcomes.  The PM Solutions Australia Gateway™ review teams love Gateway™ reviews and more importantly, we love to help projects and organisations to succeed.

More Services

Assurance Partnering

We are one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading, progressive and specialised assurance organisations, and it’s why we partner with some of the largest government and non-government organisations, providing realistic and common-sense assurance services. We consistently provide business owners with the piece-of-mind that their programs and projects are on track and provide solutions to pre-emptively realign projects and programs from unexpected difficulties and challenges.

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Health Checks

A Health Check review is a snapshot of the status of a program, or a single project, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement or could benefits from remedial actions. Commonly conducted over 3-5 days. The sole purpose of a Health Check is to gain a 100% independent assessment of how well the program or project is performing in accordance with its objectives, and how well it adheres to organisational processes, policies or standards. A pro-active Health Check ensures the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, whilst a reactive Health Check can set an over-budget or late project back-on-track.

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Assurance Plans

Our team of assurance specialist, continue to develop, refine and deliver assurance plans for some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest portfolio’s, programs, projects, and organisations. Our assurance plans provide business owners and stakeholders with confidence that the program or project will be well managed, and that the expected strategic outcomes and desired benefits, will be delivered, through a range of mutually agreed, relevant and effective assurance activities. Our teams are specialist in delivering cost-effective and fit-for-purpose project assurance plans, that removes the pressure of additional resource requirements in the early stages for initiatives, whilst providing program and project managers with tools to strengthen their business cases or funding tranches.

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