PMO Assurance

Our PMO assurance delivers an assured approach to enterprise, portfolio, program and project management offices modelling, development, delivery, deployment and its ongoing operation. Our PMO assurance services focus on the areas of development of final models, frameworks, standards, service delivery models and business cases.

We work with global clients to establish new PMO capability, or assure and re-energise existing PMO’s, through a simple and highly collaborative approach, which is commonly customised to support the people and cultures within organisations.

Our PMO assurance is delivered as an AXELOS certified P3O® Consulting Partner, using the P3O® methods, techniques, frameworks and structures, to assure the successful or ongoing delivery of PMO’s, which allow our clients to better manage their portfolio of change and projects.

How can your PMO benefit from assurance?

Alignment to PMO best practices

Our PMO assurance is aligned to the world’s best practice for portfolio, program and project management offices, being the AXELOS P3O® methods and frameworks. We assist organisations to realign or new establish their PMO’s or EPMO’s to enable alignment of their practices to P3O®, and place them on the best possible footing for a more sustainable and ever maturing PMO practice.  Our P3O® aligned PMO assurance also greatly assists in cultural change through the evaluation of current PMO service delivery and the fit-for-purpose utilisation of tools, methods and practices, unsuring better outcomes for PMO’s and their customers.

Improve PMO operations, methods, tools and practices

Our PMO assurance focuses on the evaluation of your current PMO operations, utilisation of methods, application and usage of delivery and management tools and overall PMO practices.  We look at what is working well, and what areas could be improved through the better use of P3O® principles and techniques.  Our PMO assurance team are hands on PMO specialists, with many years of modelling, deploying and management of PMO’s, across some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most recognised organisations in the health, not-for-profit, hospitals and health services, infrastructure, rail, transport, logistics, media, finance, insurance, superannuation, utilities, technology, government, mining, agri-business and manufacturing sectors.

Measure and improve PMO maturity

Our PMO assurance services incorporate the use of AXELOS P3M3® maturity model and assessments to support the progressive maturity of our clients PMO’s and EPMO’s.  Through the use of a P3M3® assessment, we are able to provide our clients with globally recognised best practice evaluation of their current state of PMO maturity and make clear and concise recommendations to iteratively improve the maturity of their PMO, including the key areas of people, services, practices and methods..and we just don’t stop there!

We continue to work with our clients (and their PMO’s) to assist in the maturity process and ensure that they are able to optimise the value of a PMO and deliver outstanding services to programs, projects and their customers.  PM Solutions Australia is a fully accredited, AXELOS Consulting Partner and are authorised to conduct the full P3M3® assessments that provide evidence-based recommendations for improvements to organisations and their PMO’s.

Support cultural shift and improve "mind sets"

Our PMO assurance provides a vehicle for change that drives cultural shifts and mind-set changes, across new and existing PMO’s within organisations.  Our assurance team provides PMO and business owners with the ability to both evaluate and drive “people changes”, which delivers more effective PMO’s that are customer centric and are able to customise PMO services to better suit the needs of internal and external program and project teams.  Our experience in some of the world’s most demanding environments, places us in a unique position to truly realise positive change through mind-set changes and the realisation of true customer centricity, with more effective use of of tools and methods to meet organisation needs, whilst rapidly improving overall maturity levels.

Assure PMO services and customer expectations

Our PMO assurance services use a “voice of the customer” technique, to better understand the true effectiveness of existing PMO’s.  We capture and analyse customer feedback, to make clear recommendations that improves PMO’s outputs and ultimately improves the customers experience, when working with or engaging internal and external PMO’s.  This technique allows the PM Solutions Australia team to understand the current strengths of a PMO, whilst also being able to clearly identify the areas that have the least customer satisfaction.  Our aim is to improve program and project delivery outcomes, through a better understanding the customers needs and making recommendations that will correct current shortfalls and optimise those practices that provide greatest value for PMO customers.

Supporting "agile ways of working"

Agile ways of working, is now a necessity rather than a “nice to have”, for every PMO.  The ability to support agility across an organisation is critical and the role of the PMO must change in order to better support Agile projects and the overall agility of organisations.  PM Solutions Australia incorporates AXELOS AgileSHIFT® techniques into its PMO assurance services, proving a robust and industry best practice review of Agile practices within a PMO environment. Our accredited AgileSHIFT® consultants provide current state readiness assurance for the adoption of Agile methods and techniques and make recommendations and action plans that support PMO’s ability to drive Agile adoption across organisations.  Our assurance services also provide assurance services to enable retrofitting of existing PMO’s with Agile delivery support mechanisms to better support in-flight Agile projects within a stable of waterfall or tradition project and program delivery.

Learn more about AgileSHIFT® and enabling organisational agility here.

PMO Assurance Projects

From Australia’s largest P3O modelling engagement, to the project management of green houses in Fiji, integrated locker systems projects in the New Zealand Alps and whole-of-government ERP system program in Australia…our experience is hard to beat!

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Agile Assurance

We are the first ‘Accredited Partner‘ for the world’s first true agile assurance method – Global Agile Assurance®, which has been designed to assist government agencies, departments and organisations with the successful delivery of agile projects. It aims to provide independent, timely assurance to assist the Business Owner, who is the person responsible for the delivery of the agile project products and overall outcomes, so as to apply improved oversight and governance of the agile project. It examines agile projects at key decision points during initiation, discovery, deployment, and post project operations.

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Gateway Assurance

Our Gateway assurance reviews are conducted and aligned to modernised assurance methods, models, materials and guides, ensuring that our review leaders and teams deliver assurance under the world’s leading assurance method. The PM Solutions Australia Gateway assurance, assists government agencies and organisations with the successful delivery of a program or projects. We are the first Global Digital  Assurance® Accredited Partner for the Global Gateway Assurance® method, practices and models.

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Health Checks

A health check review is a snapshot of the status of a program, or a single project, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement or could benefits from remedial actions. Commonly conducted over 3-5 days. The sole purpose of a health check is to gain a 100% independent assessment of how well the program or project is performing in accordance with its objectives, and how well it adheres to organisational processes, policies or standards. A proactive health check ensures the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, whilst a reactive health check can set an over-budget or late project back-on-track.

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