AgileSHIFT® – Agile Working

Most organisations today recognise that the business landscape is changing and if they want to survive, they need to welcome change.

AgileSHIFT® supports people and organisations through organisational change by creating an environment of enterprise agility. AgileSHIFT® focuses on the importance of leading change in an organisation, taking a holistic view of an organisation, the new AgileSHIFT® framework prepares organisations for transformational change by creating a culture of enterprise agility. AgileSHIFT® is designed to help organisations to thrive in an ever emerging disruptive and competitive marketplace.

PM Solutions Australia is one of the world’s first AXELOS accredited AgileSHIFT® Consulting Partners, providing services across Australia and New Zealand.

What is AgileSHIFT®

AgileSHIFT®, is a global best practice, enterprise agility solution designed to help individuals and organisations lead transformational change. This new enterprise agility guidance, empowers organisations and individuals to use this lightweight tailorable framework to understand, engage with and champion change by embracing agile and lean ways of working.

  • AgileSHIFT® is the result of consolidated research from AXELOS global partners who collaborate with federal and local governments and world-leading organisations from sectors such as professional services, telecommunications, and retail
  • AgileSHIFT® has been tried and tested in pilot sessions around the world, including in Europe, North America, the Middle East and across the Asia Pacific
  • AgileSHIFT® is uniquely focused on holistic enterprise agility. It maximises the value of agile methods, highlighting rapid customer-orientated delivery for the entire organisation
  • AgileSHIFT® drives a cultural shift, essential for business transformation

Why use AgileSHIFT®

AgileSHIFT® is for organisations who want to transform. PM Solutions Australia guides and assists organisation overcome the known barriers to successful transformation by creating a culture of enterprise agility.

AgileSHIFT® will enable your organisation to:

  • Understand and accept the need for change – through understanding the risk of disruption but also the opportunity for change, and develop the internal ability to work effectively in such an environment
  • Understand and maximise Agile ways of working – through understanding why people, teams, and organisations are adopting these ways of working and focusing on delivering value early and having a customer-orientated deliver culture
  • Closer and stronger working across the organization –  through the removal of team silos and establishing more transparent communication lines through the establishment of a single Agile framework for every person within the organisation, regardless of team, function or seniority

Who should use AgileSHIFT®

AgileSHIFT® has been designed to be used by the entire organisation, regardless of role, function or seniority. Through enabling the whole organisation to learn and understand the value and benefits of agility, and where and how it should be adopted, the organisation can begin to transform.

Most organisations know that they need to transform, and work in a more “agile way”. However, a frequent problem is the creation of isolated agile delivery teams, unsupported by a wider organisational engagement initiative. These agile delivery teams need to interact with other business functions including, finance, HR, operations, sales and marketing, legal and many more. Often, these teams do not know why an agile approach is being used, the benefits associated with it, or how best to enable that way of working. Plus, their traditional working processes are not set up to support agile. This is where current approaches to organisational agility are failing.

Our AgileSHIFT® consulting services

Implementation services

PM Solutions Australia has developed a range of consulting services to guide, support and assure organisational and individual agile transformation, utilising the AgileSHIFT® framework.

Most organisations today recognise that the business landscape is changing and if they want to survive, they need to welcome change. The most influential and pervasive factor that has brought about significant transformation has been the rise of digital technology. PM Solutions Australia realises that this ‘tech shift’ has been the leading cause of change, driving the rise of new disruptive organisations, and through AgileSHIFT® implementation, PM Solutions Australia assist organisations minimise their change delta and exposure to external disruptions.

Agile maturity assessment and assurance

Using the AgileSHIFT® framework, our accredited AgileSHIFT® practitioners undertake maturity assessment and report on the current agile maturity of organisations, providing an assessment and assurance of:

  • Current agile principles in place
  • How agile is enabled across the organisation
  • Current Agile practices
  • Current Agile tools and techniques
  • Current roles to support agility across the organisation
Agile awareness consulting

Driving awareness of agile principles, practices, roles, and behaviours, using AgileSHIFT® as a framework, we support organisations wanting to adopt or improve agile approaches, in order to elevate agility across their organisation and better succeed with transformational change.

Agile change impact assessments

Defining required changes and, subsequent potential impacts and blockers, to culture, strategy, policies, roles, and systems to support and enable agile adoption across an organisation, as a new model for achieving business goals.

Agile framework definition

Our agile experienced and accredited AgileSHIFT® practitioners work with organisations to define their desired agile framework, guidance and strategic advice in supporting the adoption of agile principles and practices at the team, portfolio and enterprise level, including DSDM, Kanban, SCRUM, SAFe, Lean IT or PRINCE2® Agile. Frameworks are designed for the customer’s specific purpose and function, ensuring the right framework, which best suits their business needs, culture and current skills and capability.

Agile capability development

Development of agile capability and skills to better support or enable organisational agility goals, through the facilitation the development of a fit-for-purpose and a realistic agile change plan, addressing key areas of frameworks, awareness, agile skill development, strategies, and change.

Agile coaching and teams transition

Our agile experienced and accredited practitioners can coach and support your teams to adopt agile ways of working. Whether it is your preferred Agile framework or a hybrid framework, our practitioners support one or multiple teams with adopting agile ways of working across a multitude of methodologies.

More Services

AXELOS – Best Practices

PM Solutions Australia is an accredited AXELOS Consulting Partner and able to provide quality assured consulting services relating to the AXELOS best practice portfolio products including PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, MSP®, AgileSHIFT®, MoP®, P3O® and P3M3® Maturity Modelling. PM Solutions Australia constantly demonstrates their commitment to Global Best Practice through its accreditation by AXELOS, with our customers confident in our credibility and authority to assess their business and practices areas.

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P3M3® – Portfolio Maturity

PM Solutions Australia is certified AXELOS Consulting Partner and P3M3® Consulting Partner.  These certifications allow our experienced P3M3® consultants to provide a quality assured assessment of the process employed, the competencies of people, the tools deployed and the management information used to manage and deliver improvements.

P3M3 allows an assessment of the process employed, the competencies of people, the tools deployed and the management of information used to manage and deliver improvements. This allows organisations to determine their strengths and weaknesses in delivering change.

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P3O® – PMO Management

Our portfolio, program and project offices, professional services team, provides our clients with the systems, methodologies and expertise to define, establish and deliver enterprise or localised portfolio and project management offices, in a more cost effective and efficient manner. We are also 100% independent and align our PMO’s to the Axelos P3O® global best practices, through our accredited P3O® consultants.

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