Coaching & Mentoring Services

Our portfolio, program and project level coaches and mentors actively participate within initiatives to ensure good standards are being both adopted and practiced and improve internal delivery and assurance capability.

We also provide the training and tools to support a comfortable transition when deploying new processes, practices, and templates. This type of personalised knowledge transfer from highly experienced consultants, with over 20-years frontline experience, encourages the development of internal and localised competencies more easily, whilst continuing to provide guided learning and hands-on practice.

How can our coaching and mentoring improve delivery outcomes?

Delivered on-the-job, with fast and sustainable results

Mentors and coaching provide a fast way to encourage consistent and sustainable practices on-the-job. The PM Solutions Australia mentors and coaches work closely with project managers and project teams to build project management capability and competency, whilst supporting improved delivery and outcomes of projects.

Delivered by industry leading and hands-on practitioners

The PM Solutions Australia mentors are coaches not simply trainers, nor are they theory-based project persons, our mentors and coaches are highly skilled, seasoned and ‘hands-on’ project management professionals, who have delivered some of Australia’s largest projects and programs across technology, business transformation, and change, compliance, and risk, government and vast range of specialised fields and disciplines.  As an AXELOS Consulting Partner, the PM Solutions Australia mentors and coaches are AXELOS accredited across some of the world’s leading best practices in portfolio, program and project management, service management, risk management, security management, and enterprise agility.

Directly improving and supporting project managers
  • Coaching and mentoring project managers, project owners and teams in project management processes, methods and best practices to accelerate the effectiveness of major change initiatives that impact the entire organisation and stakeholders
  • Working side-by-side with project managers to apply standard project management practices, in a consistent and sustainable manner
  • Review the status of projects in the portfolio and make recommendations for improved execution through the coaching and mentoring of project managers
  • Identify risks early that could potentially negative impact on the project, and assist in the development of mitigation plans
  • Foster collaborative working relationships and develop a community of project management practitioners
  • Support and reinforce training to ensure concepts from workshops and facilitation are put into practice when back in real project environments
Value adding to organisations through our services

Through our coaching and mentoring, we are also able to:

  • Back-fill projects, as we are familiar with specific projects, and can supplement a project manager for extended periods of time, during an unexpected absence of project or program managers, providing continuity and no downtime or impacts on project time lines
  • Conduct project assurance, including project health checks to identify issues in a timely manner and assist project managers and project owners in taking appropriate corrective actions, where necessary
Agile coaching

Our Agile experienced and accredited practitioners can coach and support your teams to adopt agile ways of working. Whether it is your preferred agile framework or a hybrid framework, our practitioners support one or multiple teams with adopting agile ways of working. We enable the internal development of Agile capability and the skills, to better support or enable organisational agility goals or Agile methods, through the facilitation or training and awareness of Agile frameworks and methods, awareness, agile skill development, team management and product owner roles and responsibilities within Agile environments.  Our team are highly experienced in the world’s leading Agile environments and their methods and practices. For more information, please see our Agile coaching services page.

More Services

Project Delivery

Supporting cost effective and shared risk project delivery through delivering on behalf organisations. Our highly experienced project managers, as well as complete delivery teams share, and ultimately reduce the risks, associated with complex project delivery in any environment across the globe. Our specialised project management professional services, includes the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and ultimate delivery of projects. We are specialist project delivery consultants with in-depth experience across a broad range of sectors across private sector, government and not-for-profit industries.

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Program Delivery

We are one of Australia’s most experienced program delivery organisations, with the experience of some of the most recognised and high-risk programs in both the government and non-government sector. From realignment of ailing programs to the structure and establishment of organisational change and transformational programs, we have the end-to-end consultants to ensure better program outcomes and allow our customers to realise true change within their organisations. We provide a range of optimised program delivery services across the spectrum of traditional, agile and blended programs, focusing on securing a true return on investment by achieving cost and schedule targets as well as the wider performance targets such as minimising exposure to risk, stakeholder engagement and satisfaction and reputation enhancement.


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Agile Coaching

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