Program Delivery

Our specialised program management professional services, includes the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and ultimate delivery of complex programs of change.

Our program management processes are designed to cause minimal disruption to our clients’ normal business operations and each step of the program delivery process is subject to internal assurance and service level agreements with our customers, and measured against internal and external key performance indicators. We provide a range of optimised program delivery services across the spectrum of traditional, agile and blended programs, focusing on securing a true return on investment by achieving cost and schedule targets as well as the wider performance targets such as minimising exposure to risk, stakeholder engagement and satisfaction and reputation enhancement.

How do we deliver better programs for our customers?

Placing a priority on risk and stakeholder satisfaction

Our organisation places a priority on stakeholder satisfaction and the management of inherent risks, whilst remaining focused on the end deliverables and enabling projects. We apply industry experience and proven methods, to ensure that project stakeholders are kept informed in a timely manner, covering all aspects of the program and the status of program-wide deliverables. Through our program management services we enable our client’s initiatives to progress in a direct and controlled manner with regular reporting on time, cost, quality and scope.

Applying Agile and traditional program methods

Our program delivery teams are extensively qualified and experienced in delivering program management services, aligned to industry best practices and methodologies, including MSP®, Praxis Framework™, Six Sigma, Value Chain, as well as AIPM and PMI competency standards certified. Our program delivery professionals have a proven ability to customise the application of program management principles and practices, to best suit individual business needs, whilst complementing our client’s in-house delivery processes or methodologies.

Using only highly experienced program consultants

Our program management consultants are highly qualified, deeply experienced and commonly certified in AXELOS global best practice methods. We combine theses many years’ experience with proven leading-edge methods and tools and ensure your particular environments and organisations are tackled appropriately and effectively. We strive to ensure that our customers confidence of outcomes is increased, exposure to risk is reduced and quality outcomes are guaranteed, as  we understand your business and work closely with you and your teams. We work with customers to ensure prioritise and select the people and methods, which best meet our customers business needs.

Deploying effective program management services

Our goal is to provide program management solutions, which drive and assure our client’s programs and enabling projects, and by enhancing internal delivery capabilities and promoting long-term sustainability. Our program management services include:

  • Program strategy
  • Program controls
  • 3P management
  • Design management and assurance
  • Contract management and administration
  • Program-level planning/ scheduling
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Governance establishment, management and coaching
  • Operational readiness
  • Logistics management
  • Forensic programme assurance

More Services

Project Delivery

Supporting cost effective and shared risk project delivery through delivering on behalf organisations. Our highly experienced project managers, as well as complete delivery teams share, and ultimately reduce the risks, associated with complex project delivery in any environment across the globe. Our specialised project management professional services, includes the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and ultimate delivery of projects. We are specialist project delivery consultants with in-depth experience across a broad range of sectors across private sector, government and not-for-profit industries.

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Agile Coaching

Our Agile coaches are not simply responsible for organising and developing Agile teams and managing agile project outcomes; they guide, help and support organisations embrace agile as a culture shift, to properly implement an Agile methodology, whilst adopting more “agile ways of working” and continually encourage buy-in from business owners, teams, employees and key stakeholders. Our fresh approach to agile coaching, assurance and delivery has enabled us to partner with a number of the world’s leading agile best practice organisations and industry leading institutions – ensuring our ability to maintain agile coaching and service delivery excellence.  We are fully accredited Global Agile Assurance Partners, delivering coaching and mentoring to agile business owners, teams and leaders.

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PM Coaching & Mentoring

Our portfolio, program and project level mentors actively participate within initiatives to ensure good standards are being both adopted and practiced and improve internal delivery capability. We also provide the training and tools to support a comfortable transition when deploying new processes, practices, and templates. This type of personalised knowledge transfer from highly experienced consultants with over 20-years frontline experience, encourages the development of internal and localised competencies more easily, whilst continuing to provide guided learning and “hands-on” practice.

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