Transformation & Reform

We enable government and private sector organisations manage programs and projects associated with realising the reform, transformation, and transition of their businesses into a new business structure and supporting operating model. Once strategies are complete and business plans in place…we execute and deliver! 

Our teams take on the hardest-of-hard reform programs, and thrive in the challenging environment of the unknown, always keeping the true business benefits and our client’s ideals at the forefront of our approach and terms of delivery. 

How do we assist organisations to reform and transform?

We understand the world of transformation and reform

The world of reform and subsequent business transformation can be extremely difficult for organisations, with a minefield of human resource, industrial relations and cultural reform hurdles that need to be navigated, to truly realise the benefits in reforming a business, or changing the way in which it operates. PM Solutions Australia has a team of highly experienced and hands-on senior delivery consultants, who have been directly responsible for the successful reform of some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest government and private sector entities.

We take on reforms and transformation that others don't (or won't!)

Our teams take on the hardest-of-hard reform programs, and thrive in the challenging environment of the unknown, always keeping the true business benefits and our client’s ideals at the forefront of our approach and terms of delivery. With proven strategies and the experience to deliver, we provide our clients and their organisations, with true organisational reform and transform their businesses into a new operating environment, with ongoing support and dedication.

We understand the challenges of public sector transformation

From the difficult and sometimes testing undertakings of transforming a business or Government department, the transition to the business-as-usual world can be as difficult as the primary reform. PM Solutions Australia supports our clients with organisational transformation capability, which ensures the benefits of reform and transformation undertakings are captured and embedded in the organisation to realise measurable benefits. We provide our clients with the following reform and transformation services and capability:

  • Change management – to drive and assist human resource management, industrial relations issues and establish or manage internal cultural change initiates
  • Communications specialists – to manage the communication of the “new world” providing a consistent approach and method of communication and embed standards across the organisation in “how we communicate”
  • Program management – providing highly experienced and proven strategic capability in managing transitional programs and streams of work in a managed and measurable manner. The management of tranches, defining benefits, identifying work streams and managing recruitment people and change, provide business owners with confidence that their transitional reform portfolio will be realised with ‘true change’ embraced
  • Project management – to deliver and transition business improvement projects in the “new world”, providing a champion of change in a project environment and delivering initiatives which support the embedding of change and enact cultural reform
  • Assurance services – providing an independent review of “what has been delivered”, the measurement of tangible and non-tangible benefits to the organisation, what has been done well and what could be improved in the future
  • Strategic consulting – establishing a road map or blueprint in the “new world”. Providing the tools and plans to navigate the road ahead, whilst supporting the business leaders with a developed program of work that enables new operating models and provides mitigations and definition of projects to support the business moving forward
We are specialists in the delivery of reform programs

We are specialists in the delivery of organisational reform environments, programs and projects. We deliver our clients the capability to challenge reform “head-on”, enabling real benefits through difficult environments.

  • Strategic program and project planning to identify high-value reform opportunities and validation of primary drivers for reform and change initiatives
  • Program and project management to deliver portfolios of reform projects across organisations
  • Cultural and organisational change management to enable business improvement initiatives and support improved future business-as-usual activities and compliance with organisational policies or government legislation
  • Independent assurance and performance analysis on major programs, projects and bodies of works to ensure they are on track to deliver, within the parameters that the organisation has agreed to with vendors, service providers or internal partners and teams
  • Independent analysis, assurance and reporting on all aspects of programs and projects, including financial, procurement and governance to ensure due diligence is applied and is consistent with overarching policies, best practices, and requirements

Transformation & Reform Projects

From Australia’s largest P3O modelling engagement, to the project management of green houses in Fiji, integrated locker systems projects in the New Zealand Alps and whole-of-government ERP system program in Australia…our experience is hard to beat!

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Project Delivery

Supporting cost effective and shared risk project delivery through delivering on behalf organisations. Our highly experienced project managers, as well as complete delivery teams share, and ultimately reduce the risks, associated with complex project delivery in any environment across the globe. Our specialised project management professional services, includes the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and ultimate delivery of projects. We are specialist project delivery consultants with in-depth experience across a broad range of sectors across private sector, government and not-for-profit industries.

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Program Delivery

We are one of Australia’s most experienced program delivery organisations, with the experience of some of the most recognised and high-risk programs in both the government and non-government sector. From realignment of ailing programs to the structure and establishment of organisational change and transformational programs, we have the end-to-end consultants to ensure better program outcomes and allow our customers to realise true change within their organisations. We provide a range of optimised program delivery services across the spectrum of traditional, agile and blended programs, focusing on securing a true return on investment by achieving cost and schedule targets as well as the wider performance targets such as minimising exposure to risk, stakeholder engagement and satisfaction and reputation enhancement.


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PPM Tool Services

We are the only 100% independent organisation across the Asia-Pacific region who delivers independent, specialist project and portfolio management (PPM) tools consulting services across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. Our specialist PPM consulting services provide organisations and their PMO’s with the capability of engaging a specialist-consulting firm to externally or internally manage the evaluation, selection, implementation, training, ongoing support and optimisation of localised and world-leading PPM tools.

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