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Within the South Pacific agribusiness hub of Fiji, the PM Solutions Australia client had an immediate need to develop and deliver multiple transformational programs which utilise its production facilities for an extra six months of the year, while reducing production and transfer costs and establishing socially responsible initiatives and programs, which incorporated the local community and existing work forces, which also provided a positive benefits for all stakeholders. Benefits realisation needed to be part of an ongoing assessment driven by the Leaf and Finance departments and a check for quality and tolerances by the international Project Board. PM Solutions Australia, worked with the Fiji and Australian executive team to define, establish and manage the program of work and establish a robust and responsive governance, to enable the realisation of short project wins and improve operating savings through reduced risks and maximisation of existing infrastructure and operational efficiencies.


December 2018




  • Deliver in ongoing annual cost reductions based on 2006 actual by the end of 2008 growing season.
  • Recommend a business model that will deliver a 40% reduction in transfer price for 2008 crop and sustain in to the future.
  • 10% reduction in operational maintenance costs under preferential supply arrangements. Yielding annual savings of $60,000.
  • Utilisation of idle assets for local community food production, delivered a $160,000 per annum cost saving.
  • Awarded the “One Step” award for innovation and project excellence.


  • Program & project management
  • Business analysis
  • Organisation change management
  • Project assurance partnering
  • Gated assurance reviews
  • Risk management

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