Core Interoperability Capability Refresh

  • Assurance Partnering
  • Gateway Reviews
  • Assurance Plans
  • Government
  • Information Technology
  • Health services

The Interoperability Project is addressing the shortcomings of Queensland Health’s existing interoperability service, through the replacement and upgrade of the existing service.  The Project outcomes will deliver information interoperability and eHealth foundations, identified as high-priority investments in Queensland Health’s 2015 eHealth Investment Strategy, and provide capability that is essential for Queensland Health’s transformational programs and projects. PM Solutions has been engaged continuously on this project since late 2015, and has seen the project so far through five health checks, one Gate Review and a number of targeted assurance reviews targeting specific areas of risk or concern as directed by the CEO and SRO and risk workshops.




3 years


  • Assurance plans
  • Agile delivery planning
  • Change management strategy and plans
  • Executive consulting strategy


  • Gateway reviews
  • Health checks
  • Deep dive assurance review
  • Executive consultancy
  • Risk management consultancy

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