Superannuation Contributions Transformation

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QSuper is Queensland’s largest super fund and one of the largest in Australia. With a vast range of products and services, with a customer base of more than 600,000 and over $72 billion in funds under management. PM Solutions Australia was engaged to realign and deliver, ‘un-deliverable’ business-critical program and establish a revised program of work to enable a digital transformation, aligned the ATO ‘Super Choices’ legislation. The scope of works include program management and delivery, portfolio management and resource planning, management and optimisation and the analysis, selection and implementation of an automated resource management tool set, methods and practices t mage an annual $71M delivery portfolio.


June 2017


18 months


Legislation compliance (ATO)

Successful offsetting over $3B in consolidated revenue risk

Resource management forecasting capability

Portfolio analysis and annual optimisation capability

Portfolio management toolset


  • Program & project management
  • PPM tool services

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