National Disability Insurance Transformation

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  • Gateway Reviews
  • Assurance Plans
  • Social Services

Anglicare SQ offers a range of supported and independent accommodation, counselling, education, care and support services from Townsville in the north to Coolangatta in the south and across Queensland’s southwest. The client faced extreme challenges from changes in government funding, consumer driven demand, quality and legislative reporting standards, changes in regulatory standards across facilities, practices and workforce and ever-growing completion in the market place. PM Solutions Australia established a project assurance board and supporting terms of reference, under took a complete portfolio review and delivered a portfolio assurance. PM Solutions Australia, revised and re-develop the project delivery methods and frameworks, whilst continuing to provide project assurance services.


May 2016


3 years


  • Gated reviews
  • Health check reviews
  • Portfolio management review
  • Deep-dive executive reviews
  • Capability assurance reviews
  • Business process reviews

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