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  • Agribusiness

The SunRice divisions are globally dispersed, and similarly product development teams and suppliers are globally dispersed, with some products being marketing into foreign cultures in foreign languages. As a major global supplier and distributor, SunRice needs to react quickly to market needs and trends. The PM Solutions Australia team worked with the SunRice to select and implement a suitable cloud solution PPM tool to realise reduction in initial and ongoing costs, ease of global access, and speed to market, support agribusiness research and development, with a secure cloud solution selected.


In progress


2 months (selection) / 6 months (delivery) / Ongoing support and assurance


  • Fit for purpose NPD and PPM solution for multiple departments
  • Nation-wide collaboration across portfolio of projects
  • New Product Development accelerated to market by 30%


  • Research and development alignment and configuration
  • PPM tool evaluation services
  • PPM tool implementation services
  • PPM tool support and configuration
  • PPM Support

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