RAPID project mobilisation and ACTIVE assurance for critical government initiatives.

A rapid mobilisation response is required to enable the start-up of critical government projects and economic enablers, to support the government’s essential response to crisis situations.

RAPID project mobilisation is a ‘task force’ based approach to the start-up of mission critical projects for government departments and agencies, delivered via virtual platforms.

ACTIVE assurance is a method to ensure that established and in-flight critical government projects are actively supported to ensure successful and essential project outcomes – delivered at pace.

A critical need for the RAPID & ACTIVE method?

From a whole of government ICT perspective, it is important that agencies are well prepared to respond to and deliver mission critical services during the crisis situations, and then effectively support the economic recovery and enablement period that follows.

Experts advise that the response window for a crisis is typically measured in months, while recovery is measured in years“.

Right now it may be prudent, capacity permitting, to develop strategic ICT and digital stimulus plans that support short and longer term economic enablement for governments and their respective jurisdictions.

From a whole of government ICT and digital policy perspective, having capacity to create space and scan the short and longer-term horizon may create a wider strategic and longer-term perspective, which could help make jurisdictions to emergence from the crisis even stronger and more sustainable.

To support a “fast start“to economic enablement for government’s, there is an opportunity to deliver these digital stimulus initiatives utilising rapid delivery and active assurance techniques.

The RAPID & ACTIVE model



The RAPID & ACTIVE coaches are specialists in agile ways of working within mission critical, “fast paced” and uncertain environments. Our coaches have the training and experience to cut through challenges and mitigate roadblocks, to ensure that critical government projects and economic enablers – have a “rapid start-up” and are very well prepared to respond to and deliver mission critical services for governments and their citizens, during crisis.

The RAPID & ACTIVE coaches, work hand in hand with the project/ enabler lead, to ensure a task forced, rapid mobilisation for government departments and agencies, delivered via virtual platforms.

During the delivery phases, the RAPID & ACTIVE coaches provide active assurance to ensure that established and in-flight critical government projects are actively supported to ensure successful and essential project outcomes – delivered at pace!

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John Trabinger

John Trabinger is an executive digital assurance consultant across our assurance practice and service delivery. John brings to PM Solutions Australia, over 20-years of experience as a senior executive in program delivery, policy, assurance models and methods and program management, including being the former Head of the Australian Commonwealth Government’s Gateway Review Unit. John has led several high-profile Australian Commonwealth Government delivery programs, from their inception through...

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Brad Greene

Brad is a highly experienced and senior business and ICT strategist, program and project management professional and assurance professional, providing senior consultancy services to government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations in both Australia and internationally.  Brad has extensive experience in the business improvement and business transformation fields, with a specialisation across human capital information systems, Agile project leadership, SAP upgrades and integration, a...

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Tania Bessinger

Tania is a industry leading, highly skilled, deeply experienced and certified Agile coach, Agile project manager, SCRUM master and assurance specialist, with proven Agile delivery and service delivery expertise. Tania has successfully delivered complex Agile programs and projects, whilst providing Agile coaching and mentoring for some of Australia's largest Agile delivered initiatives, that include complex financial systems integration, knowledge management systems, ERP implementations, CRM impl...

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Peter Rowe

One of Australia's most experienced senior executive managers and business leaders, with extensive experience in the successful delivery and assurance of large scale, complex digital programs encompassing organisational redesign, process re-engineering, business and technology integration, shared services and outsourcing. Peter has a well-seasoned ability to establish, influence and maintain effective relationships with partners and stakeholders at all levels of an organisation, and is called u...

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Richard Greenall

Richard Greenall is experienced consultant with 25-years’ experience in program and project management, including extensive integrated schedules and resource management consulting, having led a large number of strategic projects, many with multi-million-dollar budgets as project director, program manager, project manager and portfolio delivery manager. Richard has delivered both strategic and tactical outcomes taking delivery, technical, advisory, and mentoring type projec...

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David Williams

David has extensive experience and a long career in program, project and portfolio delivery, working across Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and Fiji, specialising in consulting, designing, managing and delivering programs and projects, transformation programs, rollouts, integrations, upgrades and migrations and transitions with a digital focus. David continues to work with local, state and national governments, financial and insurance organisations and for global, internati...

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