Dedicated Partnership, Assured Success

Unlike revolving-door consultants, PM Solutions offers a dedicated Gateway Assurance™ practice. Our seasoned professionals become trusted partners, collaborating with you from project inception. This continuity ensures a deep understanding of your goals, leading to successful project delivery at every stage.

What sets us apart?

Continuity & expertise: Our dedicated team builds a deep understanding of your project, ensuring consistent, high-quality assurance throughout the lifecycle.

Long-term partnership: We’re invested in your journey, partnering with you from early planning stages all the way through to final review and benefit realisation.

Genuine care: Our team is passionate about the value of Gateway Assurance™. We go beyond the process, focusing on its impact on your project’s success.

Your choice, your success: We provide you with the ultimate choice – a team of seasoned, dedicated assurance professionals who are committed to your project’s success.

Why Choose PM Solutions?

Decades of experience: Benefit from our extensive experience in delivering successful assurance services.

Modern expertise: Our approach is specifically designed for the complexities of modern digital environments.

Best practice approach: We leverage the globally-recognised Gateway Assurance™ standard, ensuring you receive best-in-class assurance practices.

Confidence in decision-making: Gain the insights you need to make informed decisions and mitigate risks throughout your project lifecycle.

Confidence in Every Step: Your Gateway to Digital Success

Unparalleled expertise meets unwavering commitment. PM Solutions empowers you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Our Gateway Assurance™ services provide the support you need to achieve successful project delivery, every step of the way.

Better alignment of service delivery, desired outcomes and available funds

Improved risk management

Improved accuracy in planning

Greater confidence that the programs and projects can progress

Improved allocation. of skills and resources

Dissemination of better practice techniques across organisations

Improved procurement and contract management processes

Reduced time and cost overruns

Accredited Suppliers


We're not just assurance providers; we're your trusted advisor for project success! Partnering with leading global organisations, government departments, and agencies, we deliver modern, best-practice assurance services that empower informed decision-making. Customers partner with PM Solutions and unlock the power of independent, modern assurance, so as to make well-informed decisions, mitigate risks, and achieve their portfolio, program and project goals.

"From the time of initial engagement to the delivery of the report, PM Solutions were very professional and thorough. The review team extracted the right level of information, with their insights and conclusions providing the project with the information to make improvements to our approach.”

"This review has been a very positive contribution to ensuring the program is set up for success... on behalf of everyone involved in the program I would like to extend my thanks to the review team for what has been a very worthwhile experience."

"PM Solutions dealings with project stakeholders was first-rate and gave all stakeholders confidence that the assurance review would be detailed and comprehensive, which it ultimately was. PM Solutions made themselves available at short notice to meet the project's schedule for the review."

"PM Solutions have been engaged as an assurance partner and their support has enabled an effective partnership that has provided the SRO with timely advice and insight, we continue to partner with them to provide a large statewide, multi-year and multi-site delivery."

"The project has engaged PM Solutions for several gate assurance reviews in this large complex project. All work by PM Solutions has been of a very high quality, and the engagement provided by PM Solutions staff with project stakeholders has been received very well. I'd be happy to engage PM Solutions in further project work."

"PM Solutions was engaged to provide implementation assurance at short notice. They were responsive and accommodating throughout the engagement. The quality of the deliverable was of a high standard. I would not hesitate to engage PM Solutions again."

"PM Solutions assisted our project to remain on track according to the governance requirements of our organisation. As a customer, the project team felt supported by knowledgeable consultants who offered detailed advice based on experience and understanding of government processes."

The structure and methodology of the P3M3 assessment, and the way in which PM Solutions approached it, was extremely constructive. The real value of the P3M3 model, as brought to life by PM Solutions, was that together we were able to sequence and prioritise relevant improvement efforts to gain immediate and tangible benefits, which then built the necessary momentum and support needed to tackle some of the more challenging findings.

"Thank you for undertaking this work, your professional manner and expedient engagement was greatly appreciated, and will contribute to the Department achieving a positive outcome for the delivery of this project".


Experience why leading organisations and governments use PM Solutions for their critical assurance reviews.