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Our leadership team has decades of top tier consulting experience across best practice, assurance, digital transformation, business cases, portfolio and the programme and project management and offices spectrum, providing strategic consulting services to vast array of organisations. Our best practice, consulting and assurance team provides our clients with unmatched insights and experience into strategically critical initiatives and transformations across the Commonwealth, state and local governments, private sector, start-up and not-for-profit organisations.


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Our Leadership team

Our leadership team guides and supports our consultants, whilst engaging directly, in a strategic manner, with a number of Australia’s highest profile portfolios, government ministers, public sector executives, boards and business owners.

Mark Porter


Mark has a long and successful career as a senior executive consultant across a number of Australia's highest profile projects and programs, for both the private and public sectors. Mark provides executive business, portfolio, program and project consulting to a number of leading public and private sector organisations, working with business critical and highly-visible programs, while providing assurance and strategic services. Mark is a founder and and director of a global elearning best practice company, has held executive advisory and board member positions for IP Australia and the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Trust, in addition to being an executive board member to a successful startup incubator.

Assurance Specialist, Best Practice Specialist, Government Specialist, P3M3® Assessor,

Brad Greene


Brad is a highly experienced and senior business and ICT strategist, programme and project management professional and assurance specialist, providing senior consultancy services to government, private sector and not-for-profit organisations in both Australia and internationally. Brad has extensive experience in the business improvement and business transformation fields, with a specialisation across human resource and human capital information systems, Agile project leadership, SAP/ ERP upgrades and integration, as well as CRM systems, ICT implementation and transformational programs and projects and assurance partnering.

Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance, Strategic Consultant,

John Trabinger


John has over 30-years of experience as a senior executive in programme delivery, policy, assurance models and methods and program management, including being the former Head of the Australian Commonwealth Government’s Gateway Review Unit. John has been an expert-level Gateway Review reviewer and evaluator since 2006, providing essential assurance across numerous digital transformation and infrastructure programs and projects, for Commonwealth and state governments across Australia and New Zealand. John has led several high-profile Australian Commonwealth Government delivery programs, from their inception through to their completion. John current sits on numerous company boards and is a strategic advisor to Australian governments and multinational technology organisations, and is a co-founder of a best practice elearning company.

Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Government Specialist, Strategic Consultant,



Our team is passionate and dedicated to ensuring delivery success, which is supported by a minimum of 25-years experience across best practice, consulting and assurance supporting services for clients across a multitude of industries across the public and private sectors.

Richard Greenall


Richard is a PM Solutions portfolio management framework and maturity roadmap specialist consultant, providing services to a number of Australia’s largest government and private sector organisations, including within the health, transport, local government and digital services sectors. Richard is an experienced consultant and assurance reviewer with a 25-year background in management consulting and project delivery having led a number of strategic projects, delivering both strategic and tactical outcomes to over 40 organisations over as well as leading whole-of-government initiatives and Tier 1 assurance reviews.

Agile Assurance, Agile Specialist, Gateway Assurance, P3M3® Assessor, P3O® Specialist,

David Preller


David is an infrastructure projects, programme and portfolio specialist, with a distinguished career of over 35 years in complex programme and project delivery. David is focused on providing tangible value-for-money project outcomes in terms of strategic, commercial, technical and corporate social responsibility. David continues to advise and lead critical initiatives to develop appropriate strategies, systems and processes to ensure successful corporate outcomes. David is a 3P maturity (P3M3®) assessor who is passionate in assisting organisations to improve their project, programme and portfolio management maturity.

Gateway Assurance, Infrastructure Assurance, P3M3® Assessor, Portfolio Specialist,

Graham Colborne


Graham is an industry leading portfolio management specialist, who has a highly successful history of enabling organisations deliver value through the selection and delivery of projects. Graham has defined enterprise level portfolio management and project delivery approaches for a wide variety of organisations, each tailored to meet strategic objects and successful delivery and by providing senior management with the visibility and controls to allow them to make informed decisions and deliver the right projects in the right way. Graham holds PMI’s prestigious Portfolio Management Professional® accreditation and assisted with the development of the Axelos MoP® global best practice.

Best Practice Specialist, MoP® Specialist, P3O® Specialist, Portfolio Specialist,

Sue Taylor


Sue is a world leading, highly experienced, 3P professional and dedicated PMO and change management consultant, trainer and practitioner with broad involvement across both public and private sector environments. Sue is highly experienced in establishing governance and supporting structures for business transformation programs, setting up and managing EPMO and program management offices and providing program and project assurance services. Focused on helping organisations to apply best practice frameworks pragmatically, in order to achieve real business improvements from change initiatives.

Best Practice Specialist, MSP® Specialist, P3M3® Assessor, P3O® Specialist, PRINCE2® Specialist,

Kim Loane


Kim has over 35 years of experience providing executive and IT based consulting services to blue-chip clients and governments throughout the Asia Pacific region and North America, across a multiple range of industries. Kim was a Managing Director of Accenture in Sydney, responsible for leading Accenture’s Technology Consulting Practice across Asia Pacific. Over the last five years Kim has worked as an independent consultant and advisor. Kim regularly conducts IT assurance and health check reviews of major NSW government digital and transformational projects.

Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance, Government Specialist, Strategic Consultant,

Diana Baxter


Diana is a highly experienced program and project assurance consultant, specialising in undertaking project-based assignments in the areas of strategic planning, change management, ICT, gated reviews, health checks and senior executive level assurance. Diana has delivered over 200 governance, risk, change impact, Gateway and project assurance reviews to organisations, including local councils and state governments, across organisational change, risk, ICT and infrastructure, health, transport, education, mining, environment, shared services, communications, rail, justice, police, legal, corrective services and machinery of government.

Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance, Government Specialist,

David Williams


David has extensive experience and a long career in program, project and portfolio delivery, working across Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and Fiji, specialising in consulting, designing, managing and delivering programmes and projects, transformation programs, rollouts, integrations, upgrades and migrations and transitions with a digital focus. David continues to work with local, state and national governments, financial and insurance organisations and for global, international and enterprise level organisations liaising closely with executive management and senior stakeholders.

Agile Assurance, Gateway Assurance, P3M3® Assessor, PRINCE2® Specialist,

Peter Rowe


One of Australia's most experienced senior executive managers and business leaders and assurance professionals, with extensive experience in the successful delivery and assurance of large scale, complex digital programs encompassing organisational redesign, process re-engineering, business and technology integration, shared services and outsourcing. Peter is a business and technology program delivery manager, highly experienced in the application of agile methods, principles, techniques and practices ensuring the meeting of time and budget requirements for global clients.

Agile Assurance, Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance,

Frank Aldred


Frank has over 25-years’ experience in consultancy, managing delivery of quality assurance and project management solutions, for a myriad of organisations and public sector entities. Frank’s superior project and program management expertise has been utilised across a range of industries, including establishing managed services, assurance, consulting services and development of training programs, strategic and tactical business planning operations and enterprise portfolio management offices. In 2018, Frank was awarded AIPM Fellow status, for his tireless works to the Australian Institute of Project Management and for his dedication to improving the competency of project managers through assurance, coaching and mentoring.

Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance, Government Specialist,

Rob Howe


Globally recognised as one of Australia's most experienced executive finance and banking professionals with experience in assurance across project delivery, HR, procurement, contract management, outsourcing, negotiation and financial management. Rob is very familiar with ICT contracting and managed services arrangements. Rob also served for several years as a trustee director of the Suncorp Staff Superannuation Fund and has extensive experience with Gateway reviews having lead reviews for some of Queensland’s largest programmes and projects.

Assurance Advisor, Gateway Assurance, Strategic Consultant,

Andrew Harris


Andrew is an executive business and assurance consultant, with 20 years’ experience in the public sector and 11-years as a government leader with expertise across risk, assurance and governance, public sector asset planning and investment, transactions and procurement and project direction and management. Andrew has a deep understanding of the public sector and the processes and practices that underpin government decision-making, procurement and operations. Andrew has the ability to assist clients to achieve outcomes, which are evidence based, accountable and practical. He works for clients on a trust and confidence basis and can act as a strategic advisor on complex or sensitive matters that demand attention to detail and care. Andrew has developed perspectives and approaches that combine to balance between accountability, process and transparency and an ability to move to effective and pragmatic solutions.

Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance, Infrastructure Assurance,

Lloyd Arnott


Lloyd is a highly experienced professional engineer, business and assurance consultant, who has lead numerous assurance and Gateway reviews over the past 15 years, in the social and economic sectors. Lloyds' 45 years’ experience in the planning and delivery of public sector infrastructure enables him to add significant value to assurance review teams, both as a generalist and specialist, through his 'hands-on' understanding in how projects evolve. Lloyd has particularly strong skills in many elements of the assurance process, including the identification, quantification and costing of risk, interrogation of demand data (traffic/ patient/ student), design and procurement options analysis, project governance processes, analysis of quantities and estimates (including whole-of-life costing), practical economic analysis and benefits realisation, assessment of BCR and PV and stakeholder engagement.

Assurance Advisor, Assurance Specialist, Gateway Assurance, Infrastructure Assurance,