Health Checks

Our program and project health checks are a short, sharp and effective assurance method, which provides program and project managers, as well business and product owners, with a ‘snapshot’ of the status of a program, or a single project, in order to identify what is going well and what areas need improvement or could benefit from remedial actions. A health check fits perfectly in the optional key decision life-cycle of the gated review process (i.e. Gateway) and the agile development lifecycle, producing a short, sharp and focused assurance option, prior to a major decision point, product release or a gated review.

Why use our health checks?

Cost effective and fast!

The project or program health check is a highly effective assurance tool, when time is of the essence. Commonly delivered in days (not weeks) by a senior assurance specialists, with vast experience in program and project assurance, and is commonly familiar with your program, project, sector or industry. ​ A health check is also budget friendly, primarily due to short nature, predefined scope and our rapid delivery technique. When time is short and budgets are stressed, the health check is a powerful assurance tool.

Monitor progress between gated reviews

Project managers, sponsors, SRO’s, product owners, business owners and the project team, are often so involved in business-as-usual or day-today activities that they can fail to recognise the true status of a project. The sole purpose of a health check is to gain a 100% independent assessment of how well the program or project is performing in accordance with its objectives, and how well it adheres to organisational processes, policies or standards – including agile. A PM Solutions Australia proactive health check ensures the project begins and runs as efficiently as possible, whilst a reactive health check can set an over-budget or late project back on track.

Seamless integration with gated and agile environments

Project or program health checks can be applied and utilised seamlessly within a gated or agile environment, or under any in-house or industry leading methodology. The health check review fits perfectly within the optional key decision life-cycle of a gated (i.e. Gateway) review process, producing a short, sharp and focus assurance option prior to a major decision point and gated review.

Health checks are most commonly utilised on large-scale programs and projects that stretch over extended delivery periods of months and even years, which often have many months between formal gated reviews and internal check points.  While in the agile domain, health checks can form a key part of the progressive product release cycle at either planning, delivery or “done/ready” stages, whilst not disrupting the agility and velocity of the agile process and its customer focus products.

Health Checks Projects

From Australia’s largest P3O modelling engagement, to the project management of green houses in Fiji, integrated locker systems projects in the New Zealand Alps and whole-of-government ERP system program in Australia…our experience is hard to beat!

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