A rapid mobilisation response is required to enable the start-up of critical projects and to support the essential response to public, technology and transformational needs and crisis situations.

“Rapid” agile project management is the fast mobilisation of projects combined with active assurance for critical initiatives.

Rapid Project Mobilisation

A ‘task force’ agile-based approach to the start-up of mission-critical projects, which can be delivered effectively on-site or via virtual platforms.

Active Assurance

An agile assurance method which ensures that established and in-flight critical projects, which are actively supported to ensure successful and essential project outcomes.


Our agile coaches are specialists in agile ways of working within mission critical, “fast paced” and uncertain environments.

Our agile coaches have the training and experience to cut through challenges and mitigate roadblocks, to ensure that critical projects and economic enablers have a “rapid start-up”, and are well prepared to respond to and deliver 'mission critical' services for organisations, governments, customer and citizens. Agile coaches work hand in hand with the project/ enabler leaders, to ensure a task force, rapid mobilisation for organisations and governments. During delivery phases, agile coaches provide active assurance to ensure that established and in-flight critical projects are actively supported to ensure successful and essential project outcomes – delivered at pace!


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Active Assurance

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