We work with clients to establish new PMO capability, or re-energize an existing portfolio, program and project offices, through a simple and highly collaborative approach, which is commonly customised to support the people and cultures within organisations - whilst always aligned to industry best practice P3O® for PMO modelling, operations and ongoing maturity.

PMO Modelling & Frameworks

Our modelling and supporting frameworks enable the successful delivery PMO’s to support portfolios of delivery and change, whilst enabling;

  • improved decision making capability incorporating strategy, selection, risk, prioritisation and resourcing
  • better outcomes, clearer identification of benefits and the realisation of value
  • improve capability to manage delivery across time, cost and quality constraints

PMO Functions, Services & Techniques

We bring together a set of roles, processes, functions, services and techniques through the utilisation and application of the P30® best practice methodology.

We facilities effective portfolio, program and project management through its enablement, challenge and support structures.

These structures bridge the gap between the strategy, the policy makers and the delivery arm of organisations and governments.

PMO Support & Optimisation

Ensure that our clients have the control and decision making information that they require. We support PMO’s to enable our clients organisations to;

  • increase delivery efficiency across portfolios of programs and projects
  • enable improved management and reporting
  • establishing a single point of truth for scheduling, stakeholders, benefits, budget and risk


Our consultants work in partnership with our clients from the initial design stage, through to final handover and provide ongoing assurance services. We ensure that our clients have the controls and decision-making information that they require from their PMO – enabled via our co-designed, deployed and supported PMO.

We enable organisations to increase efficiency across their portfolio of projects, enable improved project management and reporting, while establishing a single point of truth for project scheduling and stakeholder, budget and risk management.



Based on the priorities and required outcomes. We define the overall model for the 3PMO, including the structure of the PMO model and the component offices (e.g: level of centralisation, hub/spoke PMO offices).



We define the key functions and services to be offered by PMO and satellite PMOs, including planning, delivery and portfolio support services and best practice centre of excellence functions.



Define the resource model required to support the functions provided by each office, including roles and associated responsibilities, the types of skills required, level of resourcing/ size of offices required, and the use of existing specialised and skilled resources.



Base on the agreed functions define the service offerings by the PMO and satellite PMOs. We reuse or recycle existing services and consolidate services from business areas, ensuring the services are the 'right fit' for the PMO



Phased implementation of PMO services on an agreed priority basis. We assess, analyse and improve in readiness for next priority services release.



Deliver support functions across people, processes, tools, methods and clients, so as to enable a continual improvement and open culture.


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