Our Axelos P3M3® Consulting Partner accreditation allows our experienced P3M3® assessors to provide quality assured evaluation of the process employed, the competencies of people, the tools deployed, and the management information used to manage and deliver improvements, allowing organisations to better determine their strengths and weaknesses in delivering change.


A PM Solutions maturity assessment uses the P3M3® Maturity Model, which looks across an organisation at how it delivers its projects, programs and portfolio(s). P3M3® is unique in that it looks at the whole system and not just at the processes. P3M3® assessments can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and can be deployed in multiple ways. P3M3® provides three maturity models that can be used separately to focus on specific areas of the business or more generally to help organisations assess the relationship between their portfolios, programs and projects.


Each of the three (3) models (portfolio, program and project) are evaluated against seven (7) perspectives, allowing an evaluation of how the organisation manages…

  • Organisational governance
  • Management control
  • Benefits management
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Finance management
  • Resource management


P3M3® is not structured around a particular body of knowledge, method or discipline but has been specifically designed to be independent and agnostic. Regardless of whether you are committed to a defined approach (such as PMBoK or PRINCE2), P3M3® will be of value to your organisation. Using P3M3® to assess an organisation’s capability makes it easier to define strengths and areas of opportunity in the management of portfolios, programs and projects.



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