Don't just go agile, go agile the right way!

Agile is a popular term, but navigating its various methodologies can be tricky. Our team of accredited agile practitioners and PRINCE2 Agile® consultants partner with you to create a custom, low-impact approach to agile adoption. We work together to design and tailor agile methodologies that perfectly suit your organisation.

Agile that fits, not a forced fit.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to agile. Our team works closely with you to assess your organisation’s needs and collaboratively design a custom agile project management methodology. This includes tailoring agile methods, selecting the right tools, and choosing the most effective techniques for your specific environment.

The Power of PRINCE2 Agile®

Our approach is a blend of strong governance, fostered innovation, and seamless collaboration. We leverage the world’s most comprehensive agile project management method, PRINCE2 Agile®. This framework provides your organisation and project teams with the structure, governance, and controls needed to successfully adopt agile concepts and achieve long-term success.

Blended agile methodology

Delivery benefits


Brings stability to teams through a 'mini project' approach, while ensuring being better equipped to hit deadlines and be 'on time'.

Control benefits

Scope management

Effective scoping means everyone knows 'what' projects will deliver, 'why', 'when', by 'whom' and for 'whom ' (and how much!)

Delivery benefits


Flexibility to change aspects of scope and quality criteria during product delivery within agreed tolerances, while maintaining a fixed time and cost fundamentals.

Control benefits

Governance Control

Robust governance that enables project managers to manage by exception.

Delivery benefits


Provides the ability to manage and increase the confidence of all stakeholders, communicating clearly to provide solutions.

Control benefits

Communication Management

Clearly defined reporting to ensure all stakeholders are kept properly informed.

Delivery benefits


Transparent working methods and communication streams, adapted to complex working environments.

Control benefits

Risk Management

Effectively manage risk, including assessing, tracking and communicating risks during a project.

Our agile project management accreditations


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