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Develop and deliver a lean, agile business case assessment assurance model and assurance reviews


The NSW Government has allocated a billion dollar budget over four years to invest in digital transformation projects through the NSW Digital Restart Fund.

The NSW Government has allocated $1.6 billion over three years to invest in digital transformation projects through the NSW Digital Restart Fund. The Digital Restart Fund is administered by the by the NSW Department of Customer Service and funds iterative, multi-disciplinary approaches to planning, designing and developing digital products and services in NSW. It encourages projects that use modern methodology and foster customer-driven business transformation and collaboration across the NSW Government Sector.

The Digital Restart Fund (DRF) aims to accelerate digital transformation in the NSW Government. It has been designed to enable iterative, multi-disciplinary approaches to digital/ICT planning, development and service provision and complements the existing investment approaches in digital/ICT.

Business need

Design and develop a lean agile approach to business case assurance.

The Department of Customer Service required a assurance partner to design and deliver a Lean, Agile assessment framework, method and processes, for the evaluation of a portfolio of business cases that sought ‘seed funding’ to develop initial concepts to be able to identify customer needs, testing solution options with a small set of users and size the value/benefit opportunity. Based on the business case assessment process, initiatives would be advised to either seek ‘seed’ or ‘scale’ funding.


Enabling a rapid response to the evaluation and assurance of statewide critical business cases for digital initatives.

At the time, NSW Government departments and agencies did not possess the knowledge and experience in developing Lean Agile business cases. In addition, the Department of Customer Service, did not have an assurance framework or processes that supported the rapid assessment of Lean Agile styled business cases. The works were challenged further as a result of Ministerial commitments to citizens that projects would be rapid announced to stimulate the NSW digital economy. As such, speed and suitability of assessment were the government’s highest priority.


PM Solutions developed the 'Rapid & Active' business case assessment model, tailored for the NSW Government and the Digital Restart Fund works.

Agile Assurance Framework & Reviews

The lean business case method is a ‘task force’ based mobilisation and approach to the start-up of mission critical projects for government departments and agencies. PM Solutions provided an ‘on the ground’ business case assessment specialist, who worked with a large number of NSW departments, agencies and their projects, to both assist with the development of, and evaluation of, lean and Agile business cases.

PM Solutions also provided a dedicated consultant to tailor and customise the assessment method to continual meet the evolving needs of the lead department and the NSW ICT/digital Investment and Assurance unit. PM Solutions has successfully supported business case development and assessment across NSW departments and agencies and made clear ongoing recommendations to the Board of the Digital Restart Fund. PM Solutions continues to undertake a structured knowledge transfer to key NSW ICT/digital Investment and Assurance unit resources, so as to enhance internal capability and benefits.