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PMO capability uplift, maturity and PPM tool implementation


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Creating a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads moves and connects people, places, goods and services safely, efficiently and effectively across Queensland. The department plan, manage and deliver Queensland’s integrated transport environment to achieve sustainable transport solutions for road, rail, air and sea. There are more than 24,000 people working for the department including customer service centres, marine operation bases and regional and divisional offices and works with Queensland Rail, Port Authorities, TransLink, Cross River Rail, Marine Safety Queensland other state, local and federal government departments, and industry and the community.

The Policy and Road Safety divisions of the Department manage over 200 projects each year, which includes improvements to policies, technology and communications and administrative infrastructure and customer service innovations like the new Queensland digital driver’s licence.

Business need

Enabling the first Queensland government adoption of global programme management best practice.

The Policy and Road Safety divisions required the establishment of a centralised programme management office to centrally managed and report upon its portfolio of technology, policy, infrastructure and road safety programmes and projects. There was an immediate business need to consolidate existing methodologies of PMBoK, PRINCE2® and a legacy in-house bespoke method in to a single project management method (PRINCE2®) and enable the Queensland government’s first departmental adoption of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) for programme delivery management.

To support the programme management adoption and centralised programme management office maturity undertaking, the business sought a partner to provide to deliver end-to-end discovery, design, implementation and training for pre-selected PPM solution. The business also required and definition of services to be provided by the enterprise programme management office and a re-design of existing templates to ensure alignment to the new methods with supportive and ongoing Centre of Excellence, mentoring and support of over 100 project managers.


An identified inability to manage a vast array of diverse projects in one central location.

At the time, the existing PMO within the Road Safety division, was immature, poorly structured, and was unable to manage its vast array of diverse projects in one central location, with considerable overheads in human resources and relied heavily on external project inputs for reporting and resource allocations.

The business had an immediate need to implement a PPM tool platform from which project team members could input into projects and strategy could be supported. The coordination between whole of enterprise teams in the new Queensland digital drivers licence program, was a major driver for designs and the subsequent priority implementation.


Enterprise wide management and report controls utilising programme, project and 3PMO best practices and tactical change controls.

PMO Optimisation & Maturity Improvement

PM Solutions managed the end-to-end discovery, design, services and modelling of the PMO and further managed the market scan, requirements, implementation and training for the selected PPM tool, which included a significant engagement with the technology owners to address issues of security, interfaces and access by external third parties.

The PM Solutions team deployed the PMO and activated all agreed functions and provided ongoing support and operational assurance review for 6-months post-deployment. Further to this PM Solutions designed and established a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and provided support to an initial 100 project managers, which was expanded across the greater statewide Transport and Main Roads department, providing support, assurance and coaching to in excess of 500 projects in-flight and at start- up stages. The PM Solutions model was further adopted by other divisions and remains the standard for TMR PMO’s.

PPM Tool Implementation, Training & Support

PM Solutions successfully configured and deployed the business selected PPM toolset, providing server and cloud-based central, regional, rural and remote access for project teams. The successful phased deployment resulted in a centralised tool for project scheduling across the enterprise, removing the use of four separate tools and delivering real time project progress through on- demand reporting, analysis and dashboard capability for senior executives and program managers. and analysis with centralised communication for geographically dispersed teams.

PM solutions designed and deployed a suite of reports across resource utilisation, delivery optimisation, consolidated schedules, risks and issues and project status and highlight reports, accessible through any mobile device or in-house systems.