Our respect and gratitude go to both past and present LGBTIQ+ community leaders, advocates, allies and supporters who continue the fight for equality and the right to live a life free from discrimination.

Globally, the Ally Network is a visible body of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (LGBTIQ+), who also support the proud allies and supporters of the LGBTIQ+ community. The mission of Pride & Ally is to support the LGBTIQ+ community and be a voice for equality and inclusion.

What the Ally Network does

Our purpose of Pride & Ally is to establish global Networks (including workplaces) to ensure and promote a safe and inclusive community and workplace for all LGBTIQ+ staff, visitors and customers. They do this by:

  • Ensure education is provided by Ally Network members to challenge discrimination and improve equality
  • Ensure Network members raising awareness and communicate LGBTIQ+ issues
  • Ensure Network members coordinate and celebrate LGBTIQ+ days of significance
  • Ensuring Network members participate in key LGBTIQ+ events to support the community and demonstrate organisation values.

Ally Network members

Ally Network members aren’t experts on sexuality or gender identity – they can be any employee who believes in our network’s purpose. They’re people who support the Pride & Ally values, respect each other and work together to create an inclusive, enjoyable community and workplace for all.

Many people from sexual or gender minorities can be fearful of speaking out on their own behalf. Ally Network members help to provide a safe environment where everyone feels respected and empowered to be their best selves. The Ally Network especially welcomes LGBTIQ+ employees to contribute to networks. We encourage network members to share their lived experiences and provide input on how we can make the workplace more welcoming and inclusive for them.

Join the Ally Network

Network membership is free and meeting attendance is not compulsory. You’ll need to attend your chosen Ally Network meetings if you wish to take part in running the network, volunteering for events, or assisting with newsletters. Member engagement varies, and you can decide your degree of involvement. Some practical steps that everyone can do include:

  • Participate in the establishment and running of an Ally Network.
  • Join an existing workplace or community-based Ally Network.
  • Participate in Ally Network activities in your workplace.
  • Receive and contribute to local Ally Network communications.
  • Promote yourself as a visible and engaged Ally Network member.
  • Team up with other Ally Network members to share the inclusion narrative.
  • Be conscious of LGBTIQ+ issues through awareness education and assist in further education within your community and workplace.
  • Stay up to date with LGBTIQ+ issues and initiatives.
  • Speak up against discrimination and harassment – when it is safe to do so.