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There I’ll say it…project management isn’t difficult.

The process of delivering a product or service has a start, a middle and an end. In between are the activities. These are scheduled with start and end dates and budgeted with how much each will cost. Add in some contingency funding or tolerance around budget, schedule or quality, work out what resources you will need and off you go. How difficult is that?

So where does it go wrong? Whether it’s a project, a program or running a portfolio, there will be a framework to point the way and there will be any number of best practice processes available to show you how. Literally thousands of words have been written about how to deliver change, an outcome or a product. Regardless people (many of whom should know better), still insist on ignoring it all, while claiming their project, program or initiative is a special case or needs something different. Alternatively, they continually fight over which methodology is best, as if it really matters?

This is why the assurance reviewer exists, not to audit, not to reinvent the wheel, not to criticise or judge, but to support and advise on best practice through due process to help the project succeed.

Following process should not be that hard.  If it exists use it.  As an old friend and colleague used to say, “…just consistently follow the bouncing ball and you will immediately have a better chance to succeed”.

Now more than ever, agile assurancePM coaching and Agile coaches are in high demand, with programs and projects needing to get to market quicker, regardless if that COVID-19 government health initiatives, community safety initiatives or economic enablers, agility and speed have become the “must haves” for governments and non-government organisations alike.