PM Solutions is highly committed to eliminating violence against women and families, of all types and in all its forms - without exception.

Unfortunately, like many Queenslanders (and Australians), the PM Solutions owners and team have been affected by domestic violence in their personal lives. PM Solutions, its owners and team, have agreed that as a collective, we have a zero tolerance to domestic and family violence in both our personal and corporate lives. This includes all types of violence against women and families, in all its forms and without exception.

With the assistance and guidance of commitment organisations and professionals, PM Solutions has undertaken a learning and guidance program to support our staffs, family, friends and the community when they are affected by domestic violence, in all its forms.

PM Solutions is finalising its commitment to this statement through our certification through the White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program. PM Solutions Australia will continue to develop its response and support mechanisms for those affected by domestic violence as part of its long-term commitment in ending domestic violence, in all its forms.

PM Solutions Australia is an active and proud supporter of community organisations and NFP’s, who are dedicated to ending domestic violence – in all its forms.

If you need help, please contact these organisations – there is always some there to help you.