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Business as usual has taken on a different meaning as governments and organisations across Australia and the world, begin to navigate the current health crisis. In many instances, this is uncharted territory; however, there are virtual and flexible approaches that can be implemented to help mitigate such uncertain circumstances and importantly planning for the future recovery.

PM Solutions Australia has been successfully utilising virtual services for more than 15-years. In order to support the current health and economic climate, we’re bringing you the best options to keep your organisation’s most strategic programs and projects assured, keeping them on time and on budget, whilst keeping team members and stakeholders focused, and to keep accelerating your program and project management success – no matter what the environment.

The PM Solutions Australia assurance and delivery practices, can help with the following:

Virtual program and project assurance: we have been delivering program and project assurance for over 20-years. and have perfected virtual review planning, interview techniques, SRO and business owner briefings and reporting, across Gateway reviews, health checks, agile reviews and technical reviews.

Business continuity and project re-planning: with a potential economic impact never seen before on such a scale, programs and projects will need to consider the replanning of their initiatives as a matter of necessity. The combined PM Solutions Australia assurance and delivery practices consultants are experts in the re-planning of programs and projects, whilst providing realistic solutions to support business continuity.

Virtual project management resources: our project consultants are extremely flexible and have extensive experience operating in virtual environments. In order to avoid massive disruption of business, let us help you put in place the virtual team you need to succeed right now.

Virtual coaching and mentoring: with the current disruptions in the workplace, now is a time to keep personal development initiatives moving forward with learners who may already be working from home. We will recover from this current health crisis, with people and teams needing to be skilled and ready for the recovery efforts.  Our Agile Coaches and PM Coaches are in high demand at present, see how we can assist the agility 0f you projects.

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