Who we are

Welcome to PM Solutions, a modern, industry-leading professionals dedicated to helping businesses excel by specialising in best practice adoption, strategic consulting, and providing independent assurance services, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Established in 2001, PM Solutions stands as a pioneering organisation renowned for delivering consulting and assurance services aligned with best practices. We are widely recognised as Australia’s foremost specialists in assurance services, having conducted over 3,700 assurance reviews for Commonwealth, state, and local governments, as well as leading not-for-profit service organisations. Our expertise spans major transformational programs, digital transformations, technology implementations and mega-capital works portfolios.

Through our hard-earned outcomes and dedication to more modern and cost-effective approaches to meeting our customers needs, we continue to partner with a number of the world leading programs, projects, initiatives and organisations, including the reform of Sydney’s RailCorp and Countrylink with the establishment of Sydney Trains and NSW Trains, the delivery maturity improvement for the mega-programs that are Sydney Metro, NSW Property and Development and Auckland’s City Rail Link, and most recently appointed as the long-term independent assurance partners for the Brisbane City Council Digital Transformation, QBuild Digital Transformation and Australian Government’s GovERP multi-year program, as well as being appointed to over twenty panels and standing offer arrangements for Australian Commonwealth, state and local governments.

PM Solutions continues to thrive as a boutique, independent and customer centric company, delivering value-adding and value-for-money services to leading organisations in the private and government sectors. We possess and continue to collect vast experience across industries that include information technology, communications, digital transformation, capital works, public infrastructure, transport, rail, hospital and health services, utilities, public works, energy, resources and mining, entertainment, law enforcement, justice, social services, housing, emergency services and importantly, Australian First Nations Peoples and their communities.

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What we do

We provide 100% independent best practice, consulting and assurance solutions, which are focused on helping our clients to adopt, embed, optimise and ultimately assure their business-critical portfolios of programs and enabling projects, with a continual and passionate focus on improving delivery performance and success. Our boutique service offerings are driven by customer feedback and targeted demand for our specialised services.

Accredited Best Practice Partners

Why we are different

We deliver and modern and common-sense approach to best practice, consulting and assurance services, which has established and continues to promote our reputation as a company of passion, integrity, honesty, and professionalism, who deliver quality professional services on a consistent basis – enabling us to truly do more with less.

Our team possess a wealth of experience gained from strategic engagements with leading government, not-for-profit and private sector organisations. We have leveraged from the combined wealth of our experiences, to present a value for money and industry leading, best practice, consultancy and assurance solutions company.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver true value for money services and solutions, that are implemented on time and to the highest customer quality expectations.

Our commitment to our customers continues well beyond final delivery of their programmes and projects.

We continue to support our customer’s business visions through valuing hard-earned relationships and taking an enthusiastic and passionate interest in opportunities where we can deliver sustainable, beneficial and positive services to enable transformational change and ongoing success.

Best practice assurance for government

Accredited Partners

PM Solutions takes great pride in its status as a Global Digital Assurance® Accredited Partner, Assurance PLUS™ Accredited Partner and Axelos Consulting Partner (ACP).

Senior Specialists

We are a team of only senior consultants and assurance specialists with a minimum of 27-years experience as certified practicing professionals across portfolios, programs, and projects for the government and private sectors.

In-depth Experience

We are highly experienced in complex organisational, portfolio, program and project environments, delivering assurance and consulting services across modern governments and the agile private sector.

Modern Practices

We use modern, agile and adaptive practices, empowered by the utilisation of smart delivery solutions and common-sense approaches, which have been gained from decades of experience and ultimately provide better consulting options for our customers.

Realistic Costs

Our team is 100% customer-focused and are able to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations, delivering real outcomes by passionately caring about our customers and their initiatives. We do far More – for far Less.

Better Service

We are, and will always will be, a customer-centric boutique consultancy firm, offering a more personalised service to our customers. We continue to support our customers and their teams as a long-term and trusted partner.


We continue to provide independent and modern best practice, consulting and assurance services to leading organisations and governments across their portfolios of programs, enabling projects and business-critical initiatives.


PM Solutions has deep and personal passion to positively influence and advocate for the community in which we live. To action, influence and advocate in our community, PM Solutions has established policies and frameworks which are embed and proactively practiced across all aspects of our business operations. As an Australian company and as a family we proudly, openly and loudly support the following community initiatives and our responsibilities.

We actively support reconciliation between First Nations Peoples and non-Indigenous Australians through fostering relationships, promoting respect and building trust.

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We support the LGBTIQ+ community and are a loud voice for equality, inclusion and providing a safe and inclusive workplace for all our LGBTIQ+ staff, visitors and customers.

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PM Solutions is actively committed to eliminating violence against women and families, of all types and in all its forms - without exception!

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As part of our commitment to First Nations Peoples, we are proudly under going certification to be a Registered Supply Nation member and focused on working towards a Supply Nation Certified status.

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We are an exclusive team of senior consultants, commonly possessing no-less-than 27 years of top-tier delivery experience and substantial formal qualifications. What sets us apart is that we're not just consultants; we are hands-on professionals deeply familiar with the intricacies and challenges that accompany portfolios, programs, and projects. We understand the unique difficulties our customers encounter, and we personally know the challenges faced.

Our highly experienced professionals bring their expertise to the forefront, delivering best-practice services for some of the largest portfolios, programs, and projects in both Australia and abroad. Our engagements span a wide spectrum of industries and disciplines, encompassing Commonwealth, state and local governments, private sector, start-ups, and not-for-profit organisations, providing a diverse and comprehensive range of solutions.

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