Through our digital portfolio, program and project consulting services, we deliver innovative and evolving solutions that exceed expectations and are cost-effective…

Our boutique consultancy services, supports effective digital program and project delivery, through identifying and supporting the management of key enablers, which improves the probabilities of success. Our consulting services reduces the threat from common areas of failure and assists in establishing more capable, in-house delivery teams. We have the knowledge, skills, know-how and experience, to make your digital and transformational programs and projects succeed.


Portfolio, Programme and Project Best Practices

PM Solutions Australia is an accredited AXELOS Consulting Partner (‘ACP’) and able to provide quality assured consulting services relating to the AXELOS best practice portfolio products including PRINCE2®, PRINCE2 Agile®, MSP®, AgileSHIFT®, MoP®, P3O® and P3M3® Maturity Modelling. PM Solutions Australia constantly demonstrates their commitment to global best practices through its accreditation by AXELOS, with our customers confident in our credibility and authority to assess their business and practices areas.

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Portfolio Management Frameworks

Doing the right things and doing those things right!

A portfolio management framework, helps organisations make decisions about implementing the right changes to their business as usual activity via projects and programs. The portfolio management framework and portfolio management discipline, is not concerned with the detailed management of these projects and programmes; rather, it approaches the management of change projects and programs from a strategic viewpoint.

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Portfolio Maturity Improvement

PM Solutions Australia provides portfolio maturity services as a certified P3M3® Consulting Partner.  These certifications allow our experienced P3M3® consultants to provide a quality assured assessment of the process employed, the competencies of people, the tools deployed and the management information used to manage and deliver improvements.

P3M3 allows an assessment of the process employed, the competencies of people, the tools deployed and the management of information used to manage and deliver improvements. This allows organisations to determine their strengths and weaknesses in delivering change.

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Agile Adoption & Transformation

Transformation is necessary. It is also (very) hard.

Increasing customer demand and expectation, the rise of disruptive competitors shaking up established industries, legacy processes that no longer fit in today’s environment, a company culture that fails to support rapid go-to-market. Most organisations today recognise that the business landscape is changing and if they want to survive, they need to change.

PM Solutions Australia is one of the world’s first AXELOS accredited AgileSHIFT® Consulting Partners, providing services across Australia and New Zealand.

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PMO Optimisation

Our portfolio, program and project offices, professional services team, provides our clients with the systems, methodologies and expertise to define, establish and deliver enterprise or localised portfolio and project management offices, in a more cost effective and efficient manner. We are also 100% independent and align our PMO’s to the Axelos P3O® global best practices, through our accredited P3O® consultants.

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Value Management

PM Solutions Australia provides Value Management consulting services, to better assist customers maximise and realise the value from their portfolios, programs and projects. Through MoV®, PM Solutions Australia applies a set of principles, processes and techniques to enable organisations and individuals to maximise the benefits from portfolios, programs and projects. MoV® supplements the main purposes of PRINCE2®, MSP® and M_o_R®, but its focus is on maximising value.

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